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Events that aim to create community, inspire self-reflection and evoke transformation


Dinner Confidential

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Dinner Confidential’s mission is to help build a world where women feel more free, loving, connected and courageous.

Since 2018 we have held dinners in dozens of cities across the globe - from NYC to Caracas to Mumbai - on intimate topics ranging from sexuality to grief to failure. After each dinner, we share what we learn about women’s life experiences from around the world. 

Veronica launched Dinner Confidential in January 2018 as an “experiment.” The experiment was a success and she later partnered with two fabulous and talented women to expand her original concept into an exciting project and global event.

Visit our website to learn more about the events and attend a dinner.


The opportunity of sharing my experiences and allowing myself to be vulnerable in a confidential setting, while hearing the experiences from others has been liberating. Every time I leave one of these dinners I feel empowered.
— NY Guest


Values Workshop

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In partnership with other coaches and creativity facilitators, the Values Workshop brings together people in your organization to identify what matters to them.

It offers teams an opportunity to pause and reflect on what drives them as individuals and how to continue to connect that to the choices they make at work and beyond.

Ultimately enhancing their overall well-being and increasing satisfaction in the workspace.


Veronica brought a great blend of personal stories and well-constructed exercises to take our team on a journey resulting in practical learnings that we all could action immediately. I recommend this to any organization who recognizes that when their employees can bring their whole self to work, they will be happier, more impactful and stay longer.
— Neena Paul, U.S. CEO ?What If! Innovation



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Facilitation Partners


brand strategist and EXECUTIVE coach

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