If you currently feel stuck, out of balance or just in need of a change, coaching is a great avenue to help you gain clarity on what you want and how to achieve your vision. As your coach, my role is to guide, support and make you accountable for your actions.

Over a 3-6 month period we can uncover what is next for you—weather that is gaining clarity around your purpose and mission, creating uplifting habits and routines or exploring your next career move, we will unwrap what you really want and create an actionable plan to get you there.


Things We Can Explore


Your purpose and mission—what is your bigger calling in life.

What can be your next career move.

How to create habits and routines that uplift you (instead of dragging you down).

How to stop pleasing others and start pleasing yourself.

How to stop procrastinating and start doing what you want.

How to boost your confidence to share your voice and pursue your dreams.


Working with Veronica has made a huge impact on my life. Whether through reiki, practical coaching or more somatic approaches, sessions with her almost always end in breakthroughs, huge “ah ha!” moments. Veronica has a profound ability to see messy situations with utter clarity, helping her clients identify the root cause of whatever is holding them back in their life. She cuts straight to the core. Every time I leave a session I feel deeply at peace, empowered and genuinely excited about life.
— Sybil, brand strategist


Benefits & Takeaways

  • Deeper clarity on what is important to you, what you value and what you want for your life.

  • A deep sense of self-awareness (what are your thinking and reacting patterns).

  • Clarity on what is next for you (both career and life).

  • Experience creating new habits and routines that excite and motivate you.

  • More comfort doing uncomfortable things (i.e.: saying no to others, creating deeper boundaries, having difficult conversations, etc).

  • A dedicated, passionate and nurturing coach so you never feel alone.

  • A newfound sense of confidence, courage and excitement for the future.

What You Get:

1 x 2hr Foundation Session

2 x 1hr coaching sessions/month

Unlimited email and text access for accountability, check-ins and support

Worksheets and other program-specific materials

For pricing and other information, check FAQs.


If this sounds like you, schedule a call with me to learn more.