Meet TRUST...

A year and a half ago, just a month after the company I’ve been working for (unexpectedly) closed, I had to make a very difficult decision. An agency I really liked invited me for a 3rd round interview ––possibly leading to a job offering. Saying yes was very tempting. I was being considered for a senior position; meaning prestige, good money and a big rub to my confidence (which has always lacked when it comes to my career).

I remember a voice in my head telling me it was something worth considering: Who knows what’s going to happen with your coaching business?

But there was an even louder voice, from a new character I’ve never met: TRUST.

This was the first time in my life, I knew exactly what I wanted. I’ve never experienced such clarity before. Having this vision of how I wanted my life to be (not only professionally, but all aspects i.e.: having freedom, flexibility, variety of projects, etc) gave me a strong sense of “trust in myself”, allowing me to say NO to this potential —and glamorous— opportunity.

This idea of “trusting yourself” also came up in the last Dinner Confidential about “Big Life Transitions.” Many women expressed their difficulties in believing in themselves during challenging situations, to trust their vision/ideas/gut and GO FOR IT. Of course, it is easy to trust ourselves when we have a clear vision, but how can we also trust ourselves in the face of uncertainty?

This past year hasn’t been all sweet and easy…. while the long term vision is very clear, my short visibility can be blurry and the path unknown. There are periods when I feel I’m sailing smooth waters (have a great coaching client, got a good freelancing project), but there are days when I feel I’m dragging myself through mud (when a potential client doesn’t respond or I doubt my skills as a coach).

Over the past year I’ve been scared many times. Scare of using our savings, scare of not having an offering ‘interesting or unique enough’, scare of not being a great coach…. but generally I’ve managed to tame my anxiety (the one I felt so strongly right after my company closed) by leaning into my vision. I TRUST that if I continue ‘walking my talk’, doing my bit and asking for support, the path will take me where I want to go (and it will probably surprise me as well!)

So despite the muddy terrain and the potencial temptations that will show up along the way, there’s no other way than forward for me. I am committed to living the life I want, no one else will do it for me.

Do you have a clear vision of what a successful life looks like for you? And If so, are you walking your talk?

Veronica Marquez