1. How do the programs work?

I conduct sessions over the phone, video or in-person. For in-person clients (I am currently based in Miami), some sessions can include an “energy healing” (Reiki) element.


 2. All programs include:

  • One 2-hour high-impact Foundation Session

  • Two 1-hour sessions a month

  • Unlimited email and text access for accountability, check-ins and support

  • Worksheets and other program-specific materials


3. Price:

Price range between $450-$550 a month*

For minimum 3-month commitment

Optional: In-depth 360 Review $300

The 360 Review includes gathering feedback from 8-12 colleagues, family and friends, analyzing the data and creating an in-depth, cohesive report.

The final report combines a clear and robust analysis of personal values, strengths (based on Strenghsfinder) and feedback reviews, providing a holistic view on what is important to you, what are your natural abilities and how others perceive you. Ultimately, we will co-create an actionable development plan to move you forward as a leader.

* If you can not afford this price, but you are committed to your personal development and believe coaching can help you get to where you want to go, let’s talk! I offer flexible payment and lower rates for those who show true commitment.


4. Why the combination of Inner Awareness + Outer Experimentation?

Deep Inner Exploration provide CLARITY

We will use radical self-curiosity to become aware of your triggers (positive and negative) and we will create tools that can help you respond with intention vs react using autopilot behaviors. Understanding what you are made up is the foundation of our work.

Daring Experiments provide COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE

When working together, you will be expected to take risks, do things differently and keep an experimental mindset in order to achieve your vision. We will start by getting courage to do the smaller things (sending a sensitive email, giving honest feedback) before going into bigger things (setting strong boundaries between life and work, quitting your job, traveling around the world or giving a presentation to a large audience).

This combination will allow you to have a deeper and long lasting transformation.


5. What is your approach?

My unique approach involves working with clients in a holistic way to reprogram unwanted behavior and move towards an exciting vision. We focus on gaining self-awareness and boosting confidence as it is the foundation for making big changes.  

I hold coaching certifications from Coaches Training Institute and The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) Center of New York. I am also a researcher with The Wellbeing Project, where I analyze data that showcases the impact of inner wellbeing across senior leaders in the social change sector.

My previous professional background is in brand strategy and consumer insights.  For almost a decade, I travelled the world talking to people about a wide range of topics—from Millennial entrepreneurship in Detroit to diabetes in Toronto to the financial needs of Singapore’s top 1%. This experience gave me a broad cultural perspective of the world and a deeper understanding of the human mindset.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner so when working with clients face to face, I offer Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing modalities) as part of my practice.


6. What happens after the program is finished?

Many of my clients choose to continue working together after the program is over through 1:1 coaching sessions. The frequency of sessions varies depending on the client needs, but can be anything from twice a month to once every couple of months.