Veronica Marquez
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As your Leadership and Courage Coach, I support you as a founder, entrepreneur, artist or female leader to step into your power and cultivate resilience. Together, we get you the clarity, confidence and courage so you can lead your life and business in an authentic and joyful way.



The Magic Formula
To Reach Your Vision:

Deep Inner-Awareness +
Ongoing Experimentation
= Clarity, Confidence and Courage

This philosophy supports all the work we do together. My programs are designed to increase self-awareness and build courage to get you out of your comfort zone and into the more daring and exciting place you want to be.

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Veronica always finds a way to take me to that ‘not-so-comfortable place’ within me where my truth resides. It is amazing to see how she can take me there with compassion, professionalism and even make me feel excited about actually discussing that particular aspect of my life with someone.

Coaching Programs


Confident Leadership

A 4-month program designed to help leaders and executives gain the skills and mindset to lead from a place of inner wellness and deeper confidence.

Freedom Experiment

A highly experiential 4-month inner discovery program for freedom seekers interested in purpose exploration and a deep personal shift.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching packages of 6, 8 or 12 sessions for people feeling stuck or uninspired and are ready to explore what is next for them. 


Interested in learning more? Schedule a complementary 15 minute call with me.