An easy guide to creating your own life manifesto  

About 4 years ago we traveled to Spain for the summer. James and I managed to escape for a couple of nights while my mum stayed with Lucas. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant outside San Sebastian and then went for another drink in the city’s old town. We were slightly drunk at that point, and I suddenly felt a rush of inspiration.

I took a pen, grabbed a napkin from the bar and told James “let’s create our own life manifesto!”

During that time I was obsessed with an old video of Baz Luhrmann (Director of Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) called “Wear Sunscreen”, which narrates a hypothetical commencement speech.

The video shares some profound, inspiring and, at times, silly life lessons and I wanted us to create our own. James would design it as a huge beautiful poster and we’d hang it proudly in our home for our kids to grow up reading it. 

I viewed this “manifesto” as a compilation of our values. A constant reminder of what truly is important to us.

We are now on v.20 of that first scribble in a napkin (as I was writing this I made even more changes). Not sure when it will become a beautiful poster or if we’ll ever arrive to the final version. Life keeps changing and more lessons keep arriving… But today I feel happy with what we have… 


  1. Cities stimulate the mind, nature nurtures the soul. Try to integrate both. 

  2. Experience yourself fully. Don’t numb thoughts and emotions. Get curious about them. 

  3. Whatever you are doing, do it right. Don’t be mediocre.

  4. Always speak from the “I” perspective— if you blame others you will loose power. 

  5. Know that others are as passionate in their beliefs as your are in yours. Have a clear point of view, but also keep an open mind. 

  6. Travel. Discover the world. Live in different places. 

  7. Foster caring, profound and genuine relationships. We need each other. 

  8. Be vulnerable, let yourself be truly seen. It will build courage and resilience. 

  9. Dream big. But create to-do lists that are achievable.

  10. Don’t be a slave to the screen. Look to the sky and around you more than you look down. 

  11. Eat what makes you feel good, physically and emotionally.

  12. Make an effort to express your love in the language your loved one understands.

  13. Choose how you want to respond instead of just reacting on instinct. 

  14. Embrace the unknown, take on new challenges. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable.  

  15. Be in touch with your body. Exercise. Dance. Move. Feel it. Let it speak. 

  16. Better to be happy than right. You don't need to always have the last word. 

  17. Fall in love. Deeply and madly. Have at least one epic love story. 

  18. People act on the outside the way they feel on the inside. Try to see beneath the surface. 

  19. It’s more important to be kind than nice.  

  20. Avoid situations that will put your at risk. We only live once, take care.

  21. Ask for help. Be the help. 

  22. Time moves quickly. Don’t wait to do things that matter.

  23. Envy is often a reflection of your own desires and insecurities. Turn it into inspiration. 

  24. Be self sufficient.

  25. Don't procrastinate. Thinking about what you need to do consumes more energy than doing it. 

  26. Laugh. Often and loud. It's contagious. 


If you are interested in creating your own Manifesto, these are some questions that can help you get started:

  • What are some key life experiences that… 

    • you are most proud of — why?

    • you wish your kids/dearest family and friends would have — why?

    • have taught you the most — what did you learn?

  • What lessons have helped you during difficult times?

  • What makes life more joyful?

  • What needs to be present in you life to fell excited/motivated/at peace/full inside?

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