This 4-month program will help you identify and connect with your authentic and powerful voice as a leader. Being at the top can be a stressful and lonely place. Many leaders experience burnout, anxiety and depression—the good news is that more and more people are ready to break through the silence.

Whether you manage a team in a large corporation or you are a founder in a growing start-up, this program is designed to help you gain the skills and mindset you need in order to lead from a place of authenticity, power and deep confidence so you can have a greater positive impact in your organization and community.


Who is this for?


You are a manager or founder with a growing team and you are experiencing high stress and anxiety.

You are struggling to balance work and life responsibilities.

You still haven’t found your authentic and powerful leadership style.

You want to gain the right practical skills i.e.: good listening, public speaking, pitching, having difficult conversations, etc.


Program Outline  

Month 1

Goals, values and strengths

Mapping Current State—360 Review (optional)

Creating an actionable development plan

Month 2

Clarity on purpose and mission

Managing your “inner critic”

Identifying your genuine “leader voice”

Month 3

Honing New Leadership Skills and putting them into practice

Month 4

Retraining the brain to avoid unwanted behavior

Implementing learning, embracing authentic leader voice


After being stuck in a rut for what felt like the longest time, Veronica helped me shift, to feel positive, think forward and lead with a clearer head. Now, all of the pieces are coming together and I’m so thankful for everything she has done and continues to do for me.
— Hollie, Insights & Strategy Director


Benefits & Takeaways

  • Clarity on the kind of leader you want to be i.e.: democratic, charismatic, servant, nurturing, direct etc.

  • Tools to manage your “critic” internal chatter (i.e.: I am not smart enough, I need to do this all alone, etc).

  • Practical leadership skills i.e.: active listening, delegation, clear communication, etc.

  • Stronger Emotional Intelligence to effectively establish connection with your teams.

  • Real practice using your new “leader voice” with ongoing support to quickly address roadblocks (in real time as they happen).

  • A dedicated, passionate and nurturing coach so you never feel alone.

  • A newfound sense of confidence, courage and excitement for the future.

What You Get

1 x 2hr Foundation Session

2 x 1hr coaching sessions/month

Unlimited email and text access for accountability, check-ins and support

Worksheets and other program-specific materials

For pricing and other information, check FAQs.


If this sounds like you, schedule a call with me to learn more.