Veronica stayed very present with me, really listened to me. She asked questions that made me stop and think, questions that broke me out of the cycles of thought patterns I get caught up in. She is optimistic, honest, and has the emotional/mental endurance to stay calmly present and focused on my current challenge. I felt really heard and seen by her. Veronica is very clear, very supportive, encouraging, and honest. She is a great mirror.
— Nilaya, dancer
The amazing thing about Veronica is, you go into a session thinking you know what you want to discuss and figure out. However, by the time the session is over, her intuitive wisdom has guided the conversation to the place you really need to be at - and it was one you absolutely could not have expected when you walk through her door! It amazes me every time. I cannot recommend working with this woman highly enough - she has changed my life and I know she will change the lives of many more.
— Sybill, cultural anthropologist
Veronica is upbeat, and is wrapped in positivity. If you want to work with someone who has a “let’s do this” attitude, she is your coach.
— Laurie, acupuncturist
She knew exactly how to put in a sentence what I wanted. Her research background combined with her intuition, make for the perfect questions to find answers so you can guide yourself.
— Vanessa, brand strategist
Veronica is not only knowledgeable but extremely intuitive. Sometimes I found myself not knowing for sure what to talk about she always finds a way to take me to that “not-so-comfortable place within me where my truth resides. It is amazing to see how she can take me there with compassion, professionalism and even make me feel excited about actually discussing that particular aspect of my life with someone. Every session is different, which I really appreciate. But it amuses me that whether I know what to discuss or not, I always leave with a sense of clarity, honesty, and ready to have a more authentic relationship with myself and with others. I highly recommend Veronica to anyone looking forward to go inwards and explore the beauty of one’s complexity. I am extremely grateful to have been able to learn from Veronica and to take action with all of those learnings!
— Cristy, best-selling author, editor
Verónica is an amazing listener, always interested in exploring the real roots of the issues at hand, giving sharp and insightful comments meant to go deeper, and clears out the noise to focus on the things that can really make an impact. She helped me define actionable goals and provided accountability, but more crucial than that, she helped me identify the things that are actually important for me and put into practice positive habits that bring me closer to them.
— Xavier, photographer, artist