This 4-month highly experiential program combines a deep inner exploration journey into your values and internal narratives with ongoing dares and experiments to get you out of your comfort zone and into the exciting place you truly want to be.

Designed to boost your courage and gain inner and outer freedom so you can embrace your goals with full confidence.


Who is this for?  


You want to change your habits and create uplifting routines.

You feel like you are "wasting" your-life by not doing something more meaningful.

You always had big dreams for yourself, but currently feel lost and without a purpose.

You find yourself procrastinating (a lot), but you are ready to take action and do things differently.

You want someone who can challenge, make you accountable and support you in taking big risks.


Program Outline


Month 1

Session 1: Foundation Session – taking a deep look into what you value

Session 2: Understanding your “inner critic”

Month 2

Session 3: Identifying the "voices in your head"

Session 4: Moving away from “Autopilot” reactions and into “Intentional Responses”

Month 3

Session 5: Exploring “the stories you tell yourself” about key aspects of your life

Session 6: Debunking Limiting Beliefs

Month 4

Session 7: Taking Risks and Daring Big

Session 8: Bringing it all together and putting a plan moving forward


Veronica has been instrumental in my quest to live a life that I am happy with. She taught me that living the dream is not a destination one arrives at, but a mindset, a holistic approach to navigating life and finding fulfillment within it. I’m very grateful for having her join my path


Benefits & Takeaways

  • A deeper understanding of your internal world (your “inner critic”, your “autopilot behaviors” etc).

  • Tools and motivation to avoid procrastination.

  • Clarity on your purpose and mission; what is truly important to you AND actionable steps to ensure you have more of that in your day to day.

  • A new set of habits and rituals that bring you energy.

  • Real practice getting out of your comfort zone with ongoing support to quickly address roadblocks (in real time as they happen).

  • A dedicated, passionate and nurturing coach so you never feel alone.

  • A newfound sense of freedom and joy.

What You Get:

1 x 2hr Foundation Session

2 x 1hr coaching sessions/month

Unlimited email and text access for accountability, check-ins and support

Worksheets and other program-specific materials

For pricing and other information, check FAQs.


If this sounds like you, schedule a call with me to learn more.